E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Americas: U. S. Ambition and Mexican Standard

Switzerland, March 2022 – The United States are the largest economy globally, home to digitalization and artificial intelligence. The business culture is highly competitive and free. This translates into continuous investment for the implementation of new technologies that help optimize your business. However, there is no standardized electronic billing. Something particularly striking considering the use of Electronic Invoicing in many other countries.

Just across the border, in Mexico, the situation is completely different, as the use of E-Invoicing is already obligatory for over 10 years. This makes Mexico one of the leaders in Continuous Transaction Controls (CTCs), although the Mexican Tax Administration Authority (SAT) has just postponed the entry into force of the CFDI version 4.0 until July 1, 2022. Certainly, it has not always been easy to implement the directives as Sergio Eduardo Diaz Iniestra, Aeromexico points out in his interview with Bob Cohen in the Blog Payables Place: „It was complicated at the beginning, e-invoice has IT components such as XML, PDF, interfaces and data systems; (…). Aeromexico created an expertise group on our shared service center (…), of course today we have built an entire model which involves all the areas; (…)“. (http://payablesplace.ardentpartners.com/)

At the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit held in Miami from May 9 to 11, 2022, the presentation of Sergio Eduardo Diaz Iniestra „Introducing E-Invoicing at Aeromexico: A Blueprint for the Aviation Industry“ will be only one highlight of many interesting presentations, user case studies, roundtables and panel discussions, which will address the key challenges of the industry when it comes to driving the digital transformation in the Americas.

More information: www.exchange-summit.com/americas

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