Dr. Langer Medical GmbH is on track

Waldkirch, March 2022, Germany – The company Dr. Langer Medical GmbH, a driving force of innovation in the field of medical technology, reported a very successful year in 2021.
Despite the corona pandemic keeping the world in suspense, many sectors have been able to handle the situation really well. The medical technology industry was one of these sectors. However, the year 2020 was not an easy year and no one knew how 2021 was going to develop. Looking back at the situation today, it can be said that Dr. Langer Medical took the right approach for the most part!
„Switching to a decentralised form of working was not a problem thanks to the digitalisation strategy we consistently pursued in previous years, and adapting processes to the changed framework conditions proved to be a driving force for the positive development“, states the managing partner of the company, Dr. Andreas Langer. „However, the actual implementation of our marketing strategy and use of social media played their part as well“, says Christian Hartmann, managing director for Sales, Service and Marketing. „The concrete application of digital methods and instruments both internally and externally with our global partners was the key to our success“, explains Hartmann. Hartman adds, „At the end of 2020, there was a 20% increase in turnover compared to the previous year, making it the strongest turnover year in the company“s history, which is something that no one could have really anticipated in 2020“.
Encouraged by the successful strategy, Dr. Langer Medical reinforced the structure and staff of its operations considerably in 2021. Jobs were created in the sales, production and R&D departments. Managing partner Dipl.-Ing. Heike Langer was also pleased stating, „We have been making good progress and are able to contain the negative effects of the shortage of skilled workers by maintaining sound financial policies and an open-door policy customary for owner-run family businesses, where the staff“s issues and concerns are taken seriously“.
Dr. Langer Medical is also aiming for double digit growth in turnover for the year 2022. „January already surpassed our expectations and is already headed in the right direction“, states Christian Hartmann. He adds: „Recently receiving the TOP 100 Innovator 2022 award has given us another boost“. We are ready for 2022…

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