A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The world gets more and more digitized every day. People buy things on the internet, trade stocks online and work in a digital world. Overly, the industrial revolution 4.0 determines our work life and free time. But many concepts are still hard to understand, especially for those who do not work in IT. The book “Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies”, published in January 2022 by Dr Gurvy Kavei with GRIN, explains the most important theories to understand the digitized world and its opportunities.
Robots steered by artificial intelligence take over people’s work in many places. With the ongoing technological progress, it is hard to find a single modern organization not embracing AI because it saves time and money and is more accurate. Today, blockchain technology has become almost an insurmountable bedrock for business process automation, product enhancement, analytic speed, and accuracy. It also provides excellent opportunities for people outside the business world, foremost in generating wealth. “Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies” by Dr Gurvy Kavei gives essential tools to navigate the art and practice of crypto mining, exchanges, trading, FinTech and some controversies around regulation of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain is democratic at the core, and in its way, it is corruption-proof

Lately, the continuing rise of bitcoin on the international markets has made everyone aware that cryptocurrencies are a serious development. Understanding these technologies is becoming more and more critical for both private and business entrepreneurs. It also provides great business opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to work with blockchain technology. The book “Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies” by Dr Gurvy Kavei points out various entrepreneurial options. It explains where adaptation is happening in the world and how anyone can navigate this crusade of wealth creation in a regulation-compliant manner to avoid criminalization and stereotyping. The book addresses people who want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for the first time. Furthermore, it provides helpful information for people starting their careers in trading, mining, financial investments, and policymakers and regulators in the financial sector.

About the author

Dr Kavei is a PhD graduate of the University of Manchester (UK) in Development Policy and Management Science. He possesses extensive management consultancy experience that has enabled him to make key contributions to leading public and private companies in Europe and Africa. Dr Kavei was a senior academic at the University of Namibia in the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, where he headed the Department of Management Sciences. The author shares his knowledge of bitcoin as a miner, trader, and educator through written offerings and interactive engagements with the public.

The book was released at GRIN Publishing in January 2022 (ISBN 978-3-34658-242-3).

Direct link for publication: https://www.grin.com/document/1160053

Free review copies can be obtained directly from the publisher at presse@grin.com.

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